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Industrial IoT (IIoT) is transforming industries. Market leaders have recognized its ability to give them a competitive edge and improve business outcomes. Leverage PTC’s IoT solutions to drive innovation and build a smart, connected enterprise.

DesignTech Systems are PTC Inc's Resellers in India for Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solutions.

PTC’s Strategic IIoT Partnerships

PTC has partnered with global industrial technology leaders like Rockwell Automation and Microsoft to deliver best-in-class IIoT solutions. The alliance help customers redefine how they integrate data, control assets and host their solutions.

Delivering industrial innovation

Combining the best IIoT and automation technologies with deep industrial expertise, PTC and Rockwell Automation will elevate your smart, connected operations.

Accelerating digital transformation

PTC and Microsoft remove barriers separating OT and IT systems-transforming your field service operations and providing scalable, global cloud hosted IIoT solutions.

Smart IIoT Solutions from PTC

Choose PTC’s IIoT solutions to ensure your IIoT success with proper planning and strategic selection of use cases.

IIoT for Manufacturing

Maximize efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve product quality. Discover the benefit of smart, connected operations.

Building Smart & Connected products

Smart, connected products introduce new ways to differentiate products with innovative capabilities, rapid customization and through redefining product performance and customer service.

Easy wins with remote Monitoring

Monitoring connected assets is a universal first step for IIoT solutions. Discover the powerful benefits of remote monitoring.

PTC’s IIoT Offerings...

ThingWorx industrial IoT Platform

Industrial IoT Platform that delivers tools and technologies that allow you to rapidly develop and deploy powerful IoT applications and AR experiences.

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

Transform your results by giving your team members unprecedented capabilities to see, understand and act in real time.

ThingWorx Operator Advisor

ThingWorx Operator Advisor (OA) helps manufacturers increase workforce productivity and operational efficiency...


Connect Industrial equipment and provide real-time data to enterprise applications and IoT Platforms..

ThingWorx Industrial IoT

ThingWorx delivers IIoT applications and solutions built on its market-leading technology platform—are all designed to accelerate digital transformation.

With ThingWorx Industrial IoT, you can:

  • Drive industrial innovation with ThingWorx
  • Build better IIoT solutions, and deploy them faster
  • Manage and orchestrate your smart assets
  • Enable data-driven insights and automation with ThingWorx analytics
  • Rapidly build engaging, cross-device user experiences

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

Manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase uptime, improve quality, and ensure safety and compliance – all while lowering costs. ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps and building blocks accelerate your time-to-value and offer unmatched flexibility.

  • Role-based intelligence - real-time, actionable access to operational information leads to proactive and faster decision making
  • Multipurpose solutions– building blocks that accelerate app development for broad use cases across your manufacturing
  • Flexible to evolve– code-less app extensibility for rapid continuous innovation

ThingWorx Controls Advisor

The longer your machines are disconnected, the more critical data loss can occur. Controls Advisor provides a proactive approach to quickly identify and respond to connectivity issues. Tools like trending, alarms, and diagnostics give you the full picture so you can easily and remotely troubleshoot the issue to get back up and running quickly.

With Controls Advisor, you can...

  • Improve visibility into manufacturing data and connectivity
  • Customize text and email alerts when a device or tag stops communicating
  • PLC tag trend for root cause analysis in minutes
  • Connect to and remotely visualize data from virtually any PLC in the factory

ThingWorx Operator Advisor

ThingWorx Operator Advisor (OA) helps manufacturers increase workforce productivity and operational efficiency by delivering unified IT-OT data to operators. By connecting to various siloed manufacturing systems, including ERP, MES, PLM, and CMMS, and capturing machine data from HMIs and PLCs, Operator Advisor is able to provide in-context, accurate information and data unlike any other solution.

Features of ThingWorx Operator Advisor

  • Digital Instructions
  • Monitoring & Feedback
  • Connected Systems
  • Optimization across the board

ThingWorx Asset Advisor

Remotely monitor assets and automatically detect anomalies Rework, scrap, and unplanned downtime can have a big impact on your bottom line. But, by equipping your maintenance teams with the right tools, they can identify problems before they impact production. Asset Advisor connects to your manufacturing equipment for real-time asset monitoring, providing better visibility into machine status, health, utilization, and sensor details – and you’re automatically alerted if any anomalies are detected.

Features of ThingWorx Asset Advisor

  • Gain real-time visibility
  • Improve maintenance processes and production performance

PTC Kepware

Kepware is a software development business of PTC Inc. It allows engineers to connect industrial equipment and provide real-time data to enterprise applications and IoT platforms. Kepware empowers engineers to create software that overcomes the connectivity gaps between diverse industrial automation devices and applications. Trusted by customers worldwide, Kepware delivers industrial-strength solutions that are designed, tested and certified to meet the demands of industrial automation applications.

Features of PTC Kepware

  • ThingWorx Native Interface
  • Advanced Tags
  • OPC UA Client
  • Security Policies