Articles on IIoT

The industry, especially the manufacturing sector in India and other regions of the world is abuzz with terms like IoT, IIoT, and Industry 4.0. While you may have heard these terms doing the rounds, you may not have yet figured out what they exactly mean. These series of articles aims to solve the confusion surrounding these terms, with a special focus on IIoT. It also outlines the benefits to businesses that choose to embrace them. Read on!

Digital Twin

Just a decade or two ago, physical space played main role in industry. Human beings organized physical assets, close in distance, to handle design and manufacturing tasks. However, due to limited personal capabilities and geographical constraints, high ef

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Introducing Big Data

The world is getting smarter. From healthcare to houses to businesses, everything is getting smarter, thanks to Big Data. Before we talk about it, let us first see a few examples that make use of Big Data. That way, it would be easier to grasp the concept